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Our daycare has educated dozens of children since 2000, and was founded by Isa Aguayo, a parent of three wonderful children. Isa first began taking care of children in her home about fourteen years ago. She says that her only regret is not doing this sooner, as she has found great joy in being an integral part in many kids lives. She now has many "adopted" children that she still keeps in touch with. Isa says that her main goal in caring for children is that the children feel they have a home away from home. Having been in your position as a parent looking for daycare, she knows what it feels like to not find a daycare with your expectations. To learn more about our home and our quality daycare service, please click on "About Our Home." 

About Our Family Isa is married to a wonderful husband and father for over thirty two years. She is the mother of three children all of which are extremely talented. Her eldest daughter is currently a resident physician where she is doing her residency. She is also a racquetball champion and musician, and used to teach piano to young children and give concerts at nursing homes and rehabilitation centers all around the valley. Her middle child is the princess of the family and the glamour girl. She is extremely talented and often helps out in the daycare. She is the "Speedy Gonzalez" of cleaning and without her the daycare would not run as smoothly. She is also a talented musician and is currently attending college. ​The 14 year old, baby of the family, is the ring leader of the daycare and is a vital asset. She is the children's second mother and a great assistant during arts and crafts. She not only speaks English and Spanish, she also speaks Mandarin and is a talented pianist. She loves to play for the kids and inspires them to want to play also and several of the daycare kids will often take piano lessons after watching her. 

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