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To the potential parents of Isa Aguayo’s Daycare Services;
Hi, my two year old daughter attends Isa’s daycare Monday through Friday….and one thing I can say is my two year old “loves her Sissa”.  She can’t quite say Isa’s name, but when she smiles and says “yeah!” once we pull in the driveway I know she is in good hands.    Isa has been watching my precious daughter since she was 11 months old and as a new mom, I feel comfortable leaving her with such an amazing and loving family.  She makes her daycare kids…her “family”.
One of the unique qualities she has that you won’t find in most daycares is the care she has for the kids’ meals.  Isa takes nutrition classes to learn how to make these delicious and nutritious meals for the kids.  Who would ever think a two year old would eat two bowls of lentils and rice...or Cuban beans…or tofu.  Yes, my daughter puts away her wonderful food.  I feel at ease everyday knowing she is eating healthy and in return is a happy child.
I can go on and on how wonderful she is, but one thing I can say about Isa is how much I consider her a part of “our family”.  She is a rare find, because she has so much love, patience and care for her “daycare kids”.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Kathy MillerA very happy parent

Dear Isa, 
Thank you so much for being willing to take care of my precious Tessa! I have been praying for God to send me someone with Christian values and someone who truly understands the importance of nutrition and eating as God wants us to, to take care of our bodies. I feel like I was so emotional last night because I have been turning to God so much over the summer, asking him what I should do, and I haven't heard Him and therefore have had such a hard time deciding what to do. I was hoping os much to find someone who felt that love and nutrition were extremely important and when you said that I was just moved. I feel like I was overwhelmed last night feeling like God was all of a sudden answering my prayers with sending me to speak with you. It also made me realize even more how uncomfortable I really was with their last sitter, and I started feeling sad and bad that I had my first daughter stay there so long. I of course was also feeling emotional that I even have to go back to work and leave Tessa anywhere besides with me, but I really feel so comfortable with you and your home, and your family were all so lovely and had such gentle and kind spirits just as you do. Thank you for being so understanding with me last night. I am typically not so emotional, but I really felt that God was so present there with us last night that it overwhelmed me with emotion. I hope you enjoy your time with Tessa. She is such a sweet baby. 
With gratitude, Brigitte.  

It is our sincere pleasure to recommend Isa Aguayo as your child's daycare provider. Almost 2 years ago today my wife Melody and I embarked on an arduous journey to find an exceptional daycare provider. Good wasn't good enough! We tried individual as well as large, multi-location facilities. No solution seemed to fit our high standards. Then we met Isa. Isa was a breath of fresh air. We knew we were in a special environment the day we arrived to interview her. We did not simply meet Isa, but instead we were introduced to her entire family. Her positive family structure and relationships were apparent and impressive to us.     From the outset we knew Isa was the right choice for us. She balances the fine arts of discipline and compassion while maintaining a structured schedule so important to young children. The kids' breakfast, nap schedules, and other activities are carefully planned with the children's benefit in mind. My wife and I really enjoy and respect this aspect of Isa's professionalism.    Isa also encourages and fosters an environment rife with creativity and delight. Our son commonly comes home with joyful stores of the activities Isa has constructued and of the relationships he has made with a number of young children. We especially appreciate the arts and crafts he completes. As professional educators we believe this kind of creativity and challenge builds attributes of imagination, pride, and problem-solving techniques.     Its not all fun and games, however. One time our son needed immediate medical attention for a situation out of Isa's control. We were grateful and impressed with her instant and appropriate actions in order to ensure the emergency medical attention he needed. We especially appreciate her prompt communication with us as the event unfolded. At the end of the day, this is what really counts. You have to be certain that your child is in exceptionally capable hands and there is no one better than Isa for this role.     Ultimately, we understand the search for the perfect daycare provider is an intensely immense and personal decision. It was for us. We truly know what it is like to worry for weeks on end that we must leave our son with a virtual stranger, and that decision is excruciating. However, as I alluded above, when we met Isa and her family we just knew and the heavy weight was lifted. We look back now and thank our lucky stars we found Isa. 
Sincerely, Charles and Melody Fraser.